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Household Expenses

June 11th, 2013 at 02:36 pm

Morgtage $762 a month
Comcast phone,internet,cable $190 a month
Electric $220 a month
trash $65 every three months for 2 cans plus 3 bags
Sewer $130 every three months
Home Owners insurence $44 month
Auto insurence and life insurence coverage $160 a month
Cell phone $40 a month.

I really would like to cut some expenses but the only thing that would be able to save is on electric cost
if we work on saving energy and cutting cable bill. We love our entertainment so we will look at new options in July as to how we can save more on cable bill. The kids and I love our package at the present time so I will have to look into that in the future. Any suggestions?