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Household Expenses

June 11th, 2013 at 02:36 pm

Morgtage $762 a month
Comcast phone,internet,cable $190 a month
Electric $220 a month
trash $65 every three months for 2 cans plus 3 bags
Sewer $130 every three months
Home Owners insurence $44 month
Auto insurence and life insurence coverage $160 a month
Cell phone $40 a month.

I really would like to cut some expenses but the only thing that would be able to save is on electric cost
if we work on saving energy and cutting cable bill. We love our entertainment so we will look at new options in July as to how we can save more on cable bill. The kids and I love our package at the present time so I will have to look into that in the future. Any suggestions?

8 Responses to “Household Expenses”

  1. Buendia Says:

    We got rid of our home phone and just have cell phones (our cell phones are $40/month each, and this is a work expense for us). Not sure if that would work for you (doesn't for everyone). No cable, so all we have left is $27.06 per month for internet. Instead of cable we watch hulu (free) and netflix ($8.76/month) and whatever is available on various iplayers (like HGTV you can watch episodes of a lot of shows, or in England there is the bbc iplayer). We don't watch a lot of tv, though. We still have our tv, but it is basically like a big screen (we have an old computer hooked up to it). Good luck!

  2. snafu Says:

    Trash: are you charged per can & per bag? How does your community's re-cycle system work? If it reduces the $ 21.66 each month, gives you a small ? Who pays for items not mentioned like...food, clothes, operating car, fixing things that break etc? Have you reviewed your Cable package to confirm you regularly use every single channel and every feature?

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Increase your deductible on your auto insurance will reduce the premium, or pay that bill less frequently (twice a year) can yield some savings. Dry your clothes on the line rather than the dryer. Change to CFL or LED bulbs, increase the temperature on your freezer or fridge a couple degrees. Wash and air dry your dishes instead of the dishwasher. Open windows in morning and late evenings. Run house fan instead of air conditioner when you close the house up for the day. Keep blinds drawn during the day in summer.

  4. Kiki Says:

    Unplug anything electric that does not need to stay on for necessity like the refrigerator.

    Aim to always turn off lights in every room when nobody is in them.

    Line dry clothes or dry on a rack. If you hang them carefully there is no need to iron! Smile
    I use coupons for shopping, for everything I can (ebates, swagbucks, coupon mom etc.)

    What are your grocery bills like? entertainment? gas for car? gas for house?

    I open my windows and patio as soon as I get up (6 am)so that the cool air comes in and close everything up when I leave for work until I get home and the sun goes down. I use ceiling fans instead of the AC to keep the air circulating, any possibility of installing them instead of using the AC?

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Do you cook a lot? Eating at home and planning ahead can save money. Taking your coffee or tea or water to work saves as well.

  6. ROXY1976 Says:

    I actually love having a land line phone. The teenagers use it to call friends. I don't feel the need to get them cells just yet unless one starts working which may be soon. I will have to look into that. We are charged $65 for two 90 gallon cans and we also may set out in addition to that 3 full bags of trash. I got the cheapest and the best service company. My auto insurence is quite low. I perfer to have the $500 low deductible verses a higher one. I get discount bundle for having my life, auto, and home all in one plan. I save 15%. This week I will try to see how much we can cut out of our electric bill. I do allot of cooking and planning of the meals. Once school starts back up they will eat breakfast and lunch at school, which leaves me to make dinner. Everytime we go to swim or ymca I pack healty snacks and water bottles. My food budget each week can be as low as $50 to $150. My gas runs me around $50 a week.

  7. ROXY1976 Says:

    I do buy a pick me up coffee every now and then. I know I should just use my keurig and make it myself but somedays I just crave a starbuck!

  8. ROXY1976 Says:

    My next project is getting a closeline put up outside. I'm going to Lowes tomorrow and price one. I don't mind doing laundry drying outside. I grew up in the country so I can handle it.

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