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Daughter's first job and Back To School Shopping

August 1st, 2013 at 01:50 pm

Well my kids funding came in for me and I saved $300 towards the cost of their summer camp this year. Four kids went. They had a blast and I enjoyed my free time organizing for back to school. My DH has decided to work there for her first job starting in September and she will be able to be there at camp the whole next summer as well as year round retreats. I'm so excited for her to be able to do a job she loves. The $300 saved will go towards back to school clothes. I'm pre-registering the other three kids for camp in September for 2014 and I will save $100 off the price. Camp is normally $294 a week, but planning ahead I can really save. I will pay a little each month and hopefully be paid in full by January. I'm already ahead for next year. I will save $294 for next year due to daughter working there.

I finished getting the basic school supplies mostly from dollar store and using my kmart shop your way rewards I saved up all year. I pre-purchased most of my giftcards for back to school shopping using swagbucks and the swagbuck gift cards I earned will be used towards clothing. I was most happy with my Old Navy deal. I got $76 worth of clothes for $46 with free shipping which was One pair of jeans and four shirts for daughter to start off her senior year. I had a 20% online coupon and earned a few swagbucks. I have a 20% coupon in the mail for Khols tomorrow. They are getting bought new jeans, but we will be going to thrift stores for shirts.

I found a few basic items on this website. Everything is under ten dollars or less. It's worth checking out!


2 Responses to “Daughter's first job and Back To School Shopping”

  1. momcents Says:

    I shop at Dominick's/Safeway and they have a deal going on if you purchase $100 Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic gift cards, you get a $15 off your next purchase coupon. I already did BTS shopping in June when I had $30 off of $75 and a $25 gift card, but I do think that is a deal that if I'm better prepared for budget-wise would be worth it. My kids wear uniforms and we tend to go through the light blue polo shirts quickly with messy boys (3rd & 4th grade).

    All sound like good deals! We thrift shop a lot, too. It is too expensive not to!

  2. ROXY1976 Says:

    That does sound like a great deal!. We love old navy.

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