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Meal planning for the week

June 17th, 2013 at 03:46 pm

I plan my weekly meals on Friday, which is payday for me. I have a family of five to feed. I like to go on Fridays to the local farmers market for produce. My budget is $100. I bought $35 in produce and spent the rest at Aldi's and walmart for our grocery needs. We use water cooler and reusable water bottles for drinking. We have orange juice and fat free milk for breakfast. I did purchase this week at five and below a water jug with a spout to make homemade sun tea and homemade lemonade using fresh lemons. The kids make breakfast for themselves in summer. They eat eggs or wholegrain cereal. Monday through Thursday we have a free summer lunch program at our local school. On Fridays they eat at a local community lunch. This week we will have a potluck on Sunday at church which will be a great help. So that leaves me to have to cook evening dinner and plan snacks for our family time at the pool and ymca.

Dinners and snacks this week will include;

Greek yogurt with homemade dark chocolate drizzle or honey

Fresh Romaine tossed salad
Eggs and whole wheat bread
Roasted chicken for whole wheat wraps and tacos
Hamburger with pasta
Sweet potatoe fries
Jimmy Dean Delights
Whole grain pizzas
Whole grain pancakes and maple syrup
Rice Crispy treats
Cottage Cheese
Homemade cinnamon won tons
Turkey hot dogs with whole grain rolls
Tuna for tuna salad or tuna casserole

I'm really open for some quick healthy meal suggestions. I'm a busy working single Mom and need some new ideas. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Meal planning for the week”

  1. snafu Says:

    Our DKs were ravenous after swim lessons and races. I found complex carbs helped - beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, tomato sauce, nuts, fish, chicken, cheese, nuts and my life saver - fig cookies. We did Smoothies [yogurt/banana/frozen blueberries/ice cubes as a portable snack. Spinach salad with hard boiled egg slices and shredded chicken. Tex-Mex meals are fast with everyone making their own combinations. Combination bean salad is cold and marinades overnight in the fridge. Kidney beans cook overnight in crockpot, portioned & frozen in zip bag can turn into Chili , Taco, Red beans & rice and a long list of Mexican dinners.

    Hard boil a dozen eggs at a time and mark the shell to identify. Ready cold for a breakfast egg or added to salad or devilled. Fish is the fastest thing to grill/bake/bbq/poach. It comes down to what will they eat?

    Stir fried rice requires rice made the evening before and portioned. It is fast fried on high heat fast having added all the vegetables and protein at hand.

    Look on line www.ivillage.com for ideas for yams/sweet potatoes. All the African dishes use common spices and interesting combinations.

  2. ROXY1976 Says:


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