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Kids Last Day of school 2013

June 11th, 2013 at 02:25 pm

The kids last day of school was June 1oth and they don't return until the end of August. My goal is to keep them content and happy this summer so I had to plan very carefully. My first expense was summer passes to the local pool. We are out of the borough so it cost my family $290. But I figured it would pay for itself if we went a total of 7 times. They have an awesome waterslide and good music playing. They also have mini golf,basketball and a bike and skateboard park. The food stand is kinda expensive but we will be sneaking in the snacks in our backpack to save cost of food we will be packing. It is open 12:30 to 8pm 7 days a week so we will be doing lots of swimming and getting in shape. My second expense for the summer is YMCA Memberships. It is costing us $14 a month for the whole family. I really want us to get in shape as a family and excersize is going to the big part of it. We will be using fitness centers and the pool. My last expense for summer is camp. And I know it is allot but the Christain camp is just what my kids need to be spiritually blessed and there is no price to compare with the joy that God gives them. TO send the kids to camp it is $294. for the week times 4 kids. I have asked for finacial help and it it comes through they may reduce $300 off the cost. I haven't heard anything yet but hopefully I will on July 3rd. My first child will be going next week. And she can't wait she is already packing. They have a week loaded with fun and the camp has pool and water splash park. And another thing I looked into for the kids is discounted movie theater days at the mall and local theater. If the $300 gets saved off the camp price I plan on using the $300 towards the kids getting some summer clothes. They all have grown and need bigger sizes but I plan on getting the most for the money but shopping at thrift stores and goodwills. But I will buy new for shoes. So here are my plans for my kids, what plans have you made for yours this summer break?

2 Responses to “Kids Last Day of school 2013”

  1. snafu Says:

    Call and check on-line for age appropriate programs and events organized by your city, Parks and Recreation, and library. Our children had age appropriate chores which go so much faster when multi hands help. We've done early AM bike rides and breakfast in the park. The library has lots of books on cheap & easy crafts for kids made with common, household items. Lots of ideas on YouTube. I took DSs to anything that was free or nearly like children's theatre matinees which were very inter-active. We went to Little League baseball games, parked in a field where we could watch planes land with games like identifying airline logos or types of planes, 'Show and Shine' antique car displays at one of the malls, Little Britches rodeo, Decorate your Dachshund walks, dog obedience trials and an African Violet Show. We had DSs grow peas on a trail net, Tie dye T's and old pillowcases for the dog's bed.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Welcome to the blogs!

    Our summer is only about 8 weeks so we usually don't plan too much. Seem to keep busy with playdates and pool time (we have a community pool/part of HOA), and time with extended family. We often have memberships to zoo or parks or museums, but I don't think we have *any* memberships right now.

    The lack of memberships is fine because we have a very unusual summer. Older kid has all sorts of opportunities he is taking advantage of (4 weeks abroad and taking summer classes), we always spend a week at Family Camp, and my hubby has a project in mind for the younger child while older child is busy. A lot of these opportunities were financed by Grandma, BUT, I'd feel just as blessed to lounge by the pool all summer and let the kids have some lazy days.

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